Fair Booth

Libya Islamic Bank

We have designed a simple and unique booth for the Libyan Islamic Bank during its participation in the 50th Tripoli International Fair. Inspired by the bank’s branding, we incorporated its distinctive lines and colors to effectively utilize the exhibition space, reflecting the bank’s identity while providing a comfortable setting for displays, seating, and small meetings with visitors throughout the event.

The booth features a façade with arches that symbolize Islamic architecture, integrating the bank’s symbols and colors. At the center of the façade, there is a reception area to welcome and inform visitors about the bank and its services, guiding them inside with a seamless flow that reflects the bank’s logo and character. This design aims to offer a unique and comprehensive experience for visitors, making the Libyan Islamic Bank’s booth a standout feature at the fair.


Lion Fabrics

The Lion Fabrics exhibition booth design in Frankfurt, Germany focuses on creating a multi-functional area that serves as a showroom with easy access to the fabrics as well as a meeting area with potential clients.
The open plan interior allows the product to be visually accessible to passersby, and enables the booth space to be used efficiently. The interior is solely black and white allowing the colorful fabrics to be the focal point of the booth.
In order to fully showcase the fabrics they were integrated into the design of the walls, floors, ceiling and furniture pieces making them the main attraction of the exhibition and allowing the clients to fully experience the product.