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Maxx-fit Women


Maxx-fit Women

The Max Fit brand is renowned in Tripoli for its distinguished reputation. It is known for being a high-end sports club that provides exceptional services and luxury to all its members, attracting the elite athletes of the city. With extensive experience in bodybuilding, Max Fit has become the go-to destination for those seeking excellence.

Driven by the founders' vision, the brand has expanded to create a new, fully integrated facility exclusively for women: the Max Fit Women's Center. Designed to reflect a unique identity and spirit, this center offers privacy and simplicity, providing an environment dedicated to women's fitness and relaxation.

The design features clean lines and natural materials to create a sense of comfort and tranquility. The center includes a gym, sauna, and various wellness services, catering to all aspects of women's body and skincare needs. It aims to be the premier destination for the city's elite women, offering comprehensive services in a relaxing and comfortable setting




Tripoli, Libya


Interior Design

  • YEAR : 2023
  • LOCATION : Tripoli, Libya
  • CATEGORY : Interior Design