Finjan Cafe

Finjan café is a study in the fusion of heritage and modernity. The space is defined by its arched niches, which draw inspiration from traditional Arabic architecture, intricately detailed with geometric patterns that add a layer of complexity and historical reference while the lighting design employs contemporary pendant fixtures that provide a soft illumination, enhancing the ambiance and accentuating the textural qualities of the interior. The seating arrangement is thoughtfully composed of wooden tables and white chairs, offering a nod to modern minimalism while ensuring comfort. The bar counter, with its clean lines and functional elegance, serves as a central hub for interaction and the art of coffee making.
Overall, the design of Finjan café is a harmonious blend of cultural depth and contemporary clarity, creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to the social ritual of coffee enjoyment.


Maxx-fit Women

The Max Fit brand is renowned in Tripoli for its distinguished reputation. It is known for being a high-end sports club that provides exceptional services and luxury to all its members, attracting the elite athletes of the city. With extensive experience in bodybuilding, Max Fit has become the go-to destination for those seeking excellence.

Driven by the founders’ vision, the brand has expanded to create a new, fully integrated facility exclusively for women: the Max Fit Women’s Center. Designed to reflect a unique identity and spirit, this center offers privacy and simplicity, providing an environment dedicated to women’s fitness and relaxation.

The design features clean lines and natural materials to create a sense of comfort and tranquility. The center includes a gym, sauna, and various wellness services, catering to all aspects of women’s body and skincare needs. It aims to be the premier destination for the city’s elite women, offering comprehensive services in a relaxing and comfortable setting


Tog Center

Working on the interior design for the Tripoli Optical Center was a unique opportunity. We aligned the design process with the center’s rebranding, allowing us to introduce new elements that reflect the brand’s spirit of renewal. The project spans two floors, showcasing both prescription and sunglasses, and offering a full range of vision products and services.

Our design incorporated natural, flowing lines and materials, such as wood in various shades, marble, and glass. We also featured distinctive metallic stands with leather bases, serving as focal display points for each pair of glasses. The layout of the showroom was carefully studied to provide ample space and comfort, ensuring a pleasant and distinguished customer experience that embodies the brand’s identity and essence.


Dokkan Smart Store

This project is set out to achieve Dukan’s goal to establish a smart supermarket, which will be the first of its
kind in the Siyaheya area of Tripoli – Libya. The project aims to encourage the public to use the Dokkan
application as well as keep in pace with technology in the field of e-commerce by providing a variety of
services that will facilitate purchases and transportation, as well as providing spaces for suppliers in
different fields.


Al-Hadaba Commercial Center

YEAR : 2022 LOCATION : Tripoli, Libya CATEGORY : Architecture