Libya Islamic Bank

We have designed a simple and unique booth for the Libyan Islamic Bank during its participation in the 50th Tripoli International Fair. Inspired by the bank’s branding, we incorporated its distinctive lines and colors to effectively utilize the exhibition space, reflecting the bank’s identity while providing a comfortable setting for displays, seating, and small meetings with visitors throughout the event.

The booth features a façade with arches that symbolize Islamic architecture, integrating the bank’s symbols and colors. At the center of the façade, there is a reception area to welcome and inform visitors about the bank and its services, guiding them inside with a seamless flow that reflects the bank’s logo and character. This design aims to offer a unique and comprehensive experience for visitors, making the Libyan Islamic Bank’s booth a standout feature at the fair.


The Co-Working Space

Introducing “The Coworking Space” in Tripoli, a groundbreaking project in the Libyan market, designed to accommodate both small businesses and larger enterprises. Offering a variety of workspaces including private and shared offices, relaxation areas, and large meeting rooms, our design emphasizes efficiency, comfort, and modernity. With eco-friendly materials and meticulous planning, we ensure a productive and sustainable work environment. Explore “The Coworking Space” and experience a new standard in workspace design.


Al-Rahila Office Building

We are pleased to present the new architectural design project for Al-Rahila Oil Services, an administrative building that serves as the central hub for the Middle Region in Libya. This project includes a fully integrated administrative building and a gas station, with the administrative building designed according to the client’s specifications to serve as a prominent landmark on the main coastal road. Attention has been given to providing all administrative needs while imbuing the building with symbolism to reflect the company’s vision.
Sustainable materials have been used in the façade, along with the addition of casements for heat insulation and harmony with the surrounding environment.
The design offers a unique experience of interconnected movement between the administrative building and the gas station, allowing visitors easy access and interaction. This project reflects the company’s identity using its distinctive colors, making it eye-catching and distinctive for all residents of the city.


Finjan Cafe

Finjan café is a study in the fusion of heritage and modernity. The space is defined by its arched niches, which draw inspiration from traditional Arabic architecture, intricately detailed with geometric patterns that add a layer of complexity and historical reference while the lighting design employs contemporary pendant fixtures that provide a soft illumination, enhancing the ambiance and accentuating the textural qualities of the interior. The seating arrangement is thoughtfully composed of wooden tables and white chairs, offering a nod to modern minimalism while ensuring comfort. The bar counter, with its clean lines and functional elegance, serves as a central hub for interaction and the art of coffee making.
Overall, the design of Finjan café is a harmonious blend of cultural depth and contemporary clarity, creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to the social ritual of coffee enjoyment.


Maxx-fit Women

The Max Fit brand is renowned in Tripoli for its distinguished reputation. It is known for being a high-end sports club that provides exceptional services and luxury to all its members, attracting the elite athletes of the city. With extensive experience in bodybuilding, Max Fit has become the go-to destination for those seeking excellence.

Driven by the founders’ vision, the brand has expanded to create a new, fully integrated facility exclusively for women: the Max Fit Women’s Center. Designed to reflect a unique identity and spirit, this center offers privacy and simplicity, providing an environment dedicated to women’s fitness and relaxation.

The design features clean lines and natural materials to create a sense of comfort and tranquility. The center includes a gym, sauna, and various wellness services, catering to all aspects of women’s body and skincare needs. It aims to be the premier destination for the city’s elite women, offering comprehensive services in a relaxing and comfortable setting


Tog Center

Working on the interior design for the Tripoli Optical Center was a unique opportunity. We aligned the design process with the center’s rebranding, allowing us to introduce new elements that reflect the brand’s spirit of renewal. The project spans two floors, showcasing both prescription and sunglasses, and offering a full range of vision products and services.

Our design incorporated natural, flowing lines and materials, such as wood in various shades, marble, and glass. We also featured distinctive metallic stands with leather bases, serving as focal display points for each pair of glasses. The layout of the showroom was carefully studied to provide ample space and comfort, ensuring a pleasant and distinguished customer experience that embodies the brand’s identity and essence.


Villa Darwesh

Located in Al Wakra, Qatar, the exquisite Villa Darwesh was a project where our goal was to materialize our client’s vision of creating a classic, yet elegantly understated design. We worked collaboratively to seamlessly integrate natural lighting and soft color palettes with opulent elements, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful space that exudes style and sophistication. Spanning across three floors and covering a total of over 1000 sqm of roofed area, this villa boasts an impressive scale while still maintaining a harmonious balance between luxury and simplicity.


Villa Shmila

Villa Shmila is an architectural project located in the vibrant city of Zlitin, Libya. The project encompasses a total roofed area of approximately 480sqm and has been designed with the primary objective of seamlessly integrating all the necessary spaces with their respective areas while maintaining a smooth circulation layout that offers privacy and exclusivity.

To enhance the serene and private environment, the villa’s indoor living areas have been carefully designed to connect with the outdoor pool and family setting, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The design of Villa Shmila draws inspiration from the country house style, utilizing warm sandy colors and natural red bricks to blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment and create a welcoming ambiance that is both inviting and sophisticated.


Villa Savoy

This project embodies a harmonious blend of classical splendor and contemporary flair, where modern elements gracefully coexist with sharp lines and intricate details. Upon arrival, the staircase wall was cleverly shattered, giving way to a spacious entrance adorned with a sleek glass railing. The column wall in the dining area not only served as a divider but also provided a discreet storage solution. By leveraging the striking contrast between white and black, an audacious fusion of colors was masterfully achieved throughout the entire residence. The frigid essence of the original marble texture of the entryway and staircase was tactfully contrasted by the warm embrace of the wooden parquet flooring in the seating area. The antique brass fixtures and luminaries effortlessly assert their dominance over the accessories and lighting elements of the house, adding a touch of refinement to the entire space.


The Cube House

The cube house is a unique design challenge of two apartments with a tight budget and tighter space limitations.
Due to the limited space available a minimalistic design approach was taken in order to utilize the space as efficiently as possible and fulfill all basic living functions.
The design created is modern, simple, clean and flexible with sufficient natural light and ventilation for all living spaces.